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Active-nano performs research and development in the field of advanced materials, nanomaterials, mechanical activation, mechanochemistry and mechanical alloying.

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Russian mechanochemistry research school has achieved high proficiency in exploration of the properties of mechanically activated powders. As early as in the 80-ties Leningrad researchers V. Yarmarkin and V. Lapshin with co-workers applied mechanochemistry approach in the field of dielectric, semiconductor, and metal alloy physics in the scope of national programs “Mechanochemistry” and “Superfine powder materials”. Theoretical concepts of mechanical activation of the powder materials in the high-energy milling equipment of various types were developed; advanced materials possessing improved electro-physical properties were created. Basing on these findings, high technologies for the production of the electronic technology products were developed and adopted in the electronics industry along with the development of various materials for other fields, e.g. pharmaceutical products, implants for stomatology and orthopaedics. At the end of 90-ties the members of the research school E. Fokina and N. Budim constituted the basis of the mechanochemistry group at the St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU). The list of helpful books and articles on mechanochemistry can be found on the page “Publications”.

The patent was granted: Fokina E.L., Budim N.I., Chernik G.G.
“Method of applying metal coatings on powders and substrates”, RU 2149217.

The group started cooperation with one of the planetary mills manufacturers, TTD.


Work on the project granted by INTAS with the participation of groups from Russia, UK and Sweden.


The RAVI prize included participation in the 4th Venture Fair in Perm.



Galina Chernik

Meeting of the participants of the 6th Framework Program project “Activation” in Chania, Crete, Greece, 2004. The developers discuss the requirements for nano-composite materials with the EADS representative.

In 2004 the group leader Dr. G.G. Chernik initiated a project which later obtained the financial support from the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission (NMP priority - nanotechnology and nanomaterials). The project«Activation» (2004-2007 гг) dealt with the high-energy milling of hard metals, ceramic and composite materials in the planetary mills of high energy density. 12 organizations from 7 European countries (Russia, UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, and Turkey) were involved in the project. There were 4 universities, 2 research centers and 6 companies including the TTD company and the European aerospace corporation EADS (Germany). In total only 17 projects with participation of Russian organizations were supported in the STREP nomination of NMP (nanomaterials and nanotechnology) priority of the 6th Framework Program (FP6), one of them being our project.

Participation in the 4th International Conference on Mechanochemistry and Mechanical Alloying (INCOME) in Braunschweig, Germany


Participation in the International Symposium on Metastable and Nano-Materials (ISMANAM) in Warsaw, Poland.

Grant from FASIE (Fund for the Support of Small Business Enterprises in Scientific and Technical Sphere) was obtained. The Fund goal is to support the developers in commercialization of their investigations and creation of high-tech enterprises.

Active-nanomaterials Ltd. is founded.


Active-nano Ltd. is founded.

The company’s mission is the development of high-energy milling and mechanical alloying technologies based on the use of planetary mills.


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Active-nano (Andrey V. Petrov)