Participation in programs



The company workers actively take part in national and international science and technology programs and have wide experience of international collaboration.

From 2000 to 2002 we took part in a project granted by INTAS with participation of several groups from Russia, England and Sweden.

In 2004 the group leader G.G.Chernik initiated a project, which later got the financial support from the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission (priority NMP - nanotechnologies and nanomaterials). European scientific groups and companies expressed interest in the«Activation» (2004-2007) project. The project dealt with high-energy milling of hard metals, ceramic and composite materials in the planetary mills of high energy density. 12 organizations from 7 European countries (Russia, UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, and Turkey) were involved in the project. There were 4 universities, 2 research centers and 6 companies including the TTD company and the European aerospace corporation EADS (Germany). In total only 17 projects with Russian participation were supported in the STREP nomination of the nanomaterials and nanotechnologies section of the 6th Framework Program (FP6), one of them being our project.

The 7th Framework EU Program (FP7) with budget of 50 billion euro will proceed from 2007 to 2013. Tens of new contests are announced in the scope of FP7 yearly, including contests dealing with nanomaterials, nanocomposites, and new production technologies. For participation in the FP7 contest it is necessary to find partners from Europe and organise a consortium including universities, research organizations, small enterprises and one large- or medium-scale enterprise that will use the materials and technologies developed. The list of our European partners is on the «Activation» project web-site. One can find information on FP7 on although the structure of this web-site is rather complicated due to its wide scope. The high level of competition characterizes all contests.

We are also interested in national programs:

federal purpose programs,
program on nanoceramics,
investment from “Rusnano”,
technoparks in Saint-Petersburg.

We assist our industrial partners to interact with “Rusnano” and prove that production obtained by high-energy milling in our mills or by using mineral antifriction coatings deals with nanotechnologies. We make contributions to the applications by the results of measurements performed with the use of the up-to-date equipment. Moreover we provide scientific support to applications.

We readily collaborate in the field of new materials (including nanomaterials) development and production. Also we are looking for partners for participation in national and international R&D programs.

Meeting of the participants of the 6th Framework Program “Activation” project in Chania, Crete, Greece, 2006.
Project coordinator Professor Athena Tsetsekou. Project Curator Kristof Lesnyak.




Active-nano (Andrey V. Petrov)