Electron microscopy



Electron microscopy provides information on particles’ size, shape, and microstructure.
Size, shape and microstructure of particles have an essential impact on the processing characteristics of a powder. Microscopic analysis is carried out for raw powders and those treated in planetary mills. Microphotographs of samples are made using transmission electron microscope Tesla BS 613C; we also exploit scanning electron microscope Supra 40VP (Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH, Germany).

Multifunctional scanning electron microscope Supra 40 having resolution 1 nm, equipped with systems for microanalysis, nano-manipulation, cooling down to helium temperature, and with cathodoluminescent spectroscopy.

The Nanocenter of St. Petersburg State University also houses the following equipment:
High-resolution transmission analytical electron microscope Libra 200FE (resolution 0.14 nm) equipped with cryoholder and three-dimensional topography system for biological objects and with microanalysis system.

Helium ionic microscope “ORION” having resolution 0.5 nm, intensified contrast according to atomic number, extremely high depth resolution (three-dimensionality of the image obtained). The microscope is the only one of the kind in the Russian Federation.




Active-nano (Andrey V. Petrov)