Галина Черник


Welcome to the web-site of “Active-Nano” company!

General director Galina G. Chernik


Active-nano Ltd. performs research and development in the field of new materials, nanomaterials, mechanochemistry and mechanical alloying. Planetary mills of high energy density allow to accomplish fast and efficient particle size reduction.

Main fields of collaboration:

  • High-energy milling and characterization of powders.

  • Production of composite materials (including nanocomposites) having metallic or ceramic matrix.

Russian industry nowadays produces batch-type and continuous planetary mills of high accelerations (20-28 G) with throughput rate in the range from 5 kg/hour to 5 tons/hour. Active-nano finds optimal conditions of milling in the planetary mills according to the Customer objectives.

We readily collaborate in the field of new materials development and production. We are looking for partners for participation in Russian and international research and development programs.




Active-nano (Andrey V. Petrov)